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Writing is my passion. It isn’t uncommon for me to be writing all day and then into the wee hours. But, all work and no play make me a dull girl. When I take a break from writing, I enjoy visiting vintage stores and flea markets. I also love to travel, and there are only a handful of states I have not made my way to yet.

The stories and characters I give life to on the page, are mostly fictional. Some characters are real-life and are just that, CHARACTERS no exaggeration needed!

I also have a passion for helping others realize their dreams, specifically authors looking to self-publish. I enjoy connecting people who can help and inspire each other. I support other local authors in their journey and am willing to share advice, tips and information that I have learned along the way in my journey through the publishing world.

Please check out my Hearts of the Round Table group on Facebook and let’s connect and inspire each other!

Romance Novels

Tales of the Crimson Diamond

Desiree Hamilton is left without a home or a job when her boss shacks up with a college co-ed and replaces her as his senior business accountant.  When the offer of living rent-free comes her way, she gladly accepts.

The Treasured Opal: Tales Of The Crimson Diamond Book II 

Opaline Angelica Hamilton is bold, brash and impulsive. She spent most of her adult life listening to her Uncle’s tale of finding the world’s largest diamond, only to lose the heart shaped stone once again to the sea.

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Get Lucky

Welcome to Bleekersville 1

When her father and business partner dies in a plane crash, Lucky Penni stumbles upon evidence that his business activities might have been slightly less than legal. Lucky's determined to prove her father’s innocence…

Slow Dancing

Welcome to Bleekersville 2

After a brutal attack shatters her ballet career as a prima ballerina, Doni Dansa relocates to Bleekersville. There she has led a quiet life raising her daughter, Chloe, and running her dance studio. That is until she meets Colt Jackson.

New Book Coming Soon

Stay Tuned!

Quotes by Tina


I started reading Tales of the Crimson Diamond last night and I’m really enjoying it!

– Lisa S.

Romance Author

Tina Boulton

Tina Boulton considers herself lucky to have grown up with a hip, artistic mom who encouraged her love for reading, writing, and adventure. Always a lover of words, Tina began writing short stories and poetry at the age of 10. And when concert fever struck in her early teens, she added song lyrics to her repertoire. An avid romance reader, her inspiration comes from her real-life relationships and the drama that often ensues.

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