The Dream

The other night I had a dream…
I had been walking
through a sea of darkness and uncertainty
for what seemed like an eternity
I was afraid and alone, tired and worn.


As I came upon a winding pathway
the light shown softly through the trees
and in it’s beautiful glow I saw a man.
He was tall and strong
yet gentle and soft spoken,
his was a kind and familiar face
with beautiful dark eyes and brown skin.


In his presence I began to feel loves embrace…
That night I saw the face of hope
and immediately my spirit was lifted.
Faith wrapped its arms around me so tight
that it squeezed out my fears.
I leaned my head in and listened to the heartbeat of love
and in its sultry rhythm I felt reassurance and peace.
I woke up knowing everything was going to be amazing
and I had nothing to worry about.


Today as I looked into your eyes
I felt an incredible wave of joy overcome me
and your smile took my breath away.
As you put your strong arms around me
and I laid my head on your chest
I felt your strong embrace
as I listened to your heart beating
in a beautiful love song with my own…
I looked up at you and you kissed away my fears.
It was then that I realized my dream was a vision
or premonition of sorts.
In it I saw you and I
and the many beautiful moments
we will continue to share
as our love story unfolds.


I am not afraid.
I am not worried.
I am not alone
for even when you aren’t standing here
next to me,
still you are always with me.
Still and always I am yours
as you are mine.
Forever and a day.


Monica Garcia Saenz © 2018

Many thanks to Monica Garcia Saenz for sharing her poetry on my blog. Click here to check out her poetry blog! 

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