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The Treasured Opal

Tales Of The Crimson Diamond Book II

Opaline Angelica Hamilton is bold, brash and impulsive. She spent most of her adult life listening to her Uncle’s tale of finding the world’s largest diamond, only to lose the heart shaped stone once again to the sea. An expert diver herself, she vows to recover the diamond at all costs. When she realizes the map containing the location of the diamond is no longer in her Uncle’s possession, but in the hands of the infamous playboy-treasure hunter, Devon Adams, she concocts a plan to steal the map back and recover the diamond herself.

Devon Maxwell Adams is a self-made millionaire who has earned the undeserved reputation of sexy bad boy and modern-day pirate. The truth is, he is a hopeless romantic, often accused of wearing his heart on his sleeve by those who know him well. His successful business, the search and recovery of sunken treasures, has him not only in the spotlight, but in the crosshairs of the beautiful Opaline Hamilton. Devon concocts a plan to not only recover the diamond, which is rumored to bring love to those who hold it, but to also steal Opaline’s heart.

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Slow Dancing

Bleekersville Book 2

​After a brutal attack shatters her ballet career as a prima ballerina, Doni Dansa relocates to Bleekersville. There she has led a quiet life raising her daughter, Chloe, and running her dance studio. That is until she meets Colt Jackson. He is the first man she has allowed to get close to her and Chloe in years.  Opening her heart to the possibility of a relationship with Colt has Doni returning to the confident woman she once was and learning to trust again. But will the ghosts of the past ruin any chance of happiness with Colt?

Colt Jackson returns to Bleekersville to settle his late grandfather’s estate. The farm willed to him holds sweet childhood memories from summers spent there. No sooner has the ink dried on the deed, he unexpectedly meets Doni Dansa. Colt soon determines that Doni’s past has left her scarred and leery of men, especially those in his line of work. As her trust in herself and him grows, so does their relationship.

Get Lucky

Bleekersville Book 1

Lucky Penni is trying to keep her head above water after her father, who is also her business partner, dies unexpectedly in a plane crash. After his funeral, she stumbles upon evidence that would suggest her father may have been involved in illegal business activities. Confused and scared she doesn’t know whom to trust, but she is determined to prove her father was not a criminal and died an innocent man.

Agent Cannon Whitehouse is feeling the effects of seeing the worst of humanity, first during his tours of duty and now as an FBI agent. He is sent on what should have been a simple surveillance assignment in Bleekersville. A quirky, small, southern town where everything seems picture perfect. He soon finds out, there is more to Bleekersville than meets the eye, including the woman he is sent to watch!

Tales of the Crimson Diamond

Book 1

Desiree Hamilton is left without a home or a job when her boss shacks up with a college co-ed and replaces her. With the offer of living rent-free comes her way, she gladly accepts. The only problem is, she would need to move away from her Sweet Home Chicago to sunny Venice, Florida.

Griffin Hart already has a mistress. Two actually, his boat and the sea. He has no room in his life for a relationship, even though Desiree drives him to distraction. She is everything he could ever want in a woman. If he was ready to give up his one obsession, she could be his.

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Slow Dancing – The last book from this author was awesome!!! So I can’t wait to read this one!!!

– Susan G.

Romance Author

Tina Boulton

Tina Boulton considers herself lucky to have grown up with a hip, artistic mom who encouraged her love for reading, writing, and adventure. Always a lover of words, Tina began writing short stories and poetry at the age of 10. And when concert fever struck in her early teens, she added song lyrics to her repertoire. An avid romance reader, her inspiration comes from her real-life relationships and the drama that often ensues.

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Love Stories

Romance Novel

Tina has more fabulous love stories coming soon. She is currently diving into her creativity and developing new and exciting characters as well as working on follow up stories to your favorite ones. There's new things coming from both the Bleekersville and the Crimson Diamond series. So please stay tuned and come back for more of the hot stuff!

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