Tales of the Crimson Diamond Book II

Travel back in time and discover the allure and excitement of a different era. One that pulls you into an action packed scene with pirates, treasures and murder skillfully intertwined with love, passion and mystery on the salty waters of beautiful old Spanish Florida. The year is 1798 so get ready to be captivated by a story that travels through time and takes you on a journey into the unknown yet familiar waters of the Tales of the Crimson Diamond in this Book II – The Treasured Opal.

Tina Boulton is a gifted writer who words pull you into this fabulous fantasy filled with colorful characters and actioned packed adventures with beautiful love stories that tug at your heart and take your breath away at the same time. This sequel in the Tales of the Crimson Diamond series will leave you wanting to turn the page and dive into more excitement, more adventure and the unraveling of mysteries with twists and turns that will keep you wanting more.  

​Welcome to the Crimson Diamond Series –

Once upon a time, the vicious pirate, Sebastian Black, called Horse and Chaise his home. The bottom of the sea between the Florida Keys and Pensacola is littered with the ships he pillaged. Blood was spilled and treasures were lost, including the blood red stone The Crimson Diamond. The stone lies asleep at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, waiting to re-awaken and claim the heart of its keeper’s one true love.

Tina Boulton
Contemporary Romance Author
Welcome to Bleekersville Series
The Crimson Diamond Series

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