Welcome to Bleekersville!

Bleekersville is a small southern town between Florida and Alabama. The focal point for the town is the square in the middle of Main Street. In the center of the square, there is a large fountain, where the town’s founding father, James Bleeker, takes center stage cast in bronze. A variety of businesses face Main Street, surrounding the square, many with alleys between them. Bleekersville is a postcard-perfect town, for the most part…. 

Bleekersville brings us two books so far with others currently in the works. We have Get Lucky as book #1 and Slow Dancing as book #2. 


Get Lucky

Bleekersville Book 1

Lucky Penni is trying to keep her head above water after her father, who is also her business partner, dies unexpectedly in a plane crash. After his funeral, she stumbles upon evidence that would suggest her father may have been involved in illegal business activities. Confused and scared she doesn’t know whom to trust, but she is determined to prove her father was not a criminal and died an innocent man…


Slow Dancing

Bleekersville Book 2

After a brutal attack shatters her ballet career as a prima ballerina, Doni Dansa relocates to Bleekersville. There she has led a quiet life raising her daughter, Chloe, and running her dance studio. That is until she meets Colt Jackson. He is the first man she has allowed to get close to her and Chloe in years.  Opening her heart to the possibility of a relationship with Colt has Doni returning to the confident woman she once was and learning to trust again. But will the ghosts of the past ruin any chance of happiness with Colt?

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Tina Boulton
Contemporary Romance Author
Welcome to Bleekersville Series
The Crimson Diamond Series

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