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I want to explain ISBN numbers. The ISBN number or International Standard Book Number is a numeric commercial publication identifier. Publishers or authors purchase ISBNs from an affiliate of the ISBN Agency. Each edition or variation of a book or ebook requires an ISBN.

So, if you have a book you are going to offer as print and ebook, you will need two ISBN and one barcode for retail pricing on the print book. You may upload to Amazon without an ISBN number. Amazon then assigns its own identifying number. However, if you want to upload your ebook elsewhere, you need to purchase a separate ISBN. You cannot use Amazon’s identifier on say,  Barnes, and Noble. I hope this helps those wanting to Indie publish. Any questions or comments, reach out and share.

What is Hearts of the Round Table?

Heart’s of The Round Table is a social media group where its members can discuss, inquire and share their thoughts about anything romance reading and writing related. Do you have a question?  Do you have a topic you want to throw out there to discuss? Bring it to the round table, let’s get a dialogue going!

I have a passion for helping others realize their dreams, specifically authors looking to self-publish. I enjoy connecting people who can help and inspire each other. I support other local authors in their journey and am willing to share advice, tips and information that I have learned along the way in my journey through the publishing world.

Please check out my Hearts of the Round Table group on Facebook and let’s connect and inspire each other!

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